iPay Welcomes 10 Lac Customer of Brac Bank​

Brac Bank customers can now instantly add money to iPay wallet and withdraw money from iPay wallet Free Of Charge.


iPay is a secure and seamless e-wallet. It is the first online Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Bangladesh.

Make cashless and hassle free transactions anytime, anywhere with iPay.

What We Do

Join The Cashless

Pay for your transactions such as Mobile Recharge, Groceries, Consumer Electronics, Tech & Gadgets, Health & Medical, Jewelry, Tours & Travels, Hotels, Transportation, Restaurants & Café and Fashion & Lifestyle; Bill Pay like Internet, Credit Card, Utility, Send Money, Withdraw Money, Add Money, Request Money, and other services like Interior design, Educational, Insurance and Automobile services.

Add or Withdraw Money

To add money to iPay wallet or to withdraw money from iPay wallet, link your personal bank account with iPay.

Send or Request Money

Send or Request money instantly from your iPay wallet to another iPay user.

Payment For Shopping
Pay for shopping at physical or online stores from your iPay wallet smoothly.
Recharge any mobile number in moments with all network operators of the country.
Bill Pay (ISP, Utility & more)

Pay your bills on time to meet bill deadlines and avoid late fees anytime, anywhere

Pay your monthly credit card bills on time right at the comfort of your home or workplace.

Purchase Tickets

Use iPay for purchasing travel tickets conveniently whenever you want.

Payment For Ride Sharing
Conveniently pay for ride sharing services with no stress for change.
iPay Benefits

Sign Up Anytime From Anywhere

Create an iPay account from your home or your favorite coffee shop with having a coffee. It’s secure, and you are not sharing your confidential document to an unknown merchant people.

57 Commercial Banks are Linked with iPay

iPay is the first online payment platform which links with all 57 commercial banks. You have access to any of your preferred bank to add money to your iPay wallet.

Add Money From Bank Account

Adding money to iPay wallet links your multiple bank accounts to iPay.

Withdraw Money to Bank Account

Withdraw money from iPay wallet links your multiple bank accounts to iPay.

Want to know more

iPay Transaction Limit is Almost Limitless

The transaction limit in iPay contains of a broad range that you won’t find in any other payment platform. The transaction limit can almost be considered limitless because of this very broad range, which can be carried out daily, weekly and monthly.

You can also easily send or request, add or withdraw money to iPay wallet daily, weekly and monthly unlimited number of times without any transaction fees involved.

Add or Withdraw Money

For adding money link your bank with iPay wallet. And you can only withdraw your wallet money to your bank account.

Send or Request Money

Send or request money instantly to friends and family

Want to know more

Download the iPay App

Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.

Easy Simple Steps
to Start iPay

To create an iPay Account, there is no need to go physically anywhere.

Just download the app. Install it. Follow the steps below to get ready!

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Select Personal Account

Make easy and cashless transactions for personal use, create personal account.


Provide Personal Information

Provide your Full Name, personal mobile Number, and create password.


Upload Profile Photo

Take a selfie or upload a photo that has clarity; File size (Max 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)


Upload Photo ID

Upload NID (National ID) copy; File size (Max 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)


Provide details of your bank account to link with iPay wallet. You can link multiple Bank Accounts.
Required Doc

Required Documents To Verify Account

To use any iPay services, you need to provide soft copy of some documents,firstly, to verify your account as shown below.

Upload Photo

Upload your profile photo. Face the camera straight on, photo must be in focus and not blurry.

Upload Photo ID
Upload a copy of National ID documents front and back photo. Make sure all information is clearly readable.
Update your source of fund info to add money from your a/c to shop, send money or transfer.