iPay Service

Add money from almost any bank or card

To make any type of transactions you need money to your iPay wallet. This feature allows to add money to your iPay wallet from your personal bank account which have been linked with your iPay account and you can link your multiple bank accounts. There is no hidden charge for adding money.

If you want instant money to your iPay wallet you can add your Debit or credit card which will charge 2.5% on Visa Card and Master card and 3.5 % on Amex card.

Step – 1

Tap on "+ Add Money"

Step – 2

Choose Your “Bank” or “Debit/ Credit Card"

Step – 3

Select Desired “Bank Account”

Step – 4

Add Amount and Continue

Step – 5

Money has been added
* You will receive the amount within 3-5 business days.

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Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.