Sign Up with iPay

Signing for iPay is seamless. What more? It is absolutely free.

There is no need to go physically anywhere; you can easily sign up from our website or download the app.

To create a personal account:

  • Fill in general information and set a password and tap on continue.
  • After receiving the OTP code from your phone, enter the code and continue
  • Upload any photo that has clarity
  • Upload NID copy
  • Fill in basic information and tap on ‘Done’
  • For source of fund, provide details of personal Bank Account to link with iPay and add money to iPay wallet.
  • To verify, a certain amount is sent to the linked bank account with iPay after 3-5 business days
  • Enter the amount to get onboard with a verified iPay account.

Check Out Some Cool Features & Benefits of iPay:

  • Seamless and secure payment for daily life activities such as bill payments, grocery shopping, mobile top- up and more
  • Link iPay account with multiple bank accounts as and when you like
  • No withdrawal fee charged while linking bank account(s)
  • Instant balance transfers from bank accounts and credit cards
  • No hidden fees
  • Send and request money from any iPay wallet user free of cost
  • Bill, Mobile Top-up and other payment services
  • Pay instantly by scanning QR code at any business or store while shopping