iPay Service
Make In-Store Or Online Shopping Payments
iPay has been providing a payment solution for both in-store and online shopping. This helps customers making payments safe and instant by not entering their vital personal information such as credit card information and waiting in lines. Mobile payments with iPay provide users with a quicker way to checkout after shopping with QR code that helps them to just scan the code and make payments. The process is simple, hassle free and convenient. Shop for lifestyle products, groceries, gadgets and daily convenience items from your favorite online or physical store.

Step – 1

Tap on ‘Make Payment’ from the app feature list

Step – 2

Tap or type merchant outlet with branch address

Step – 3

Enter transaction bill amount

Step – 4

Enter your iPay PIN and tap on ‘Make Payment’

Step – 5 

Your payment is confirmed!

For quicker, instant payments instead of standing in long queues, just tap on ‘Scan to Pay’ and you are done paying!

Download the iPay App

Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.