Pay Bills Without Visiting Banks or Agent Points!

iPay caters to simplifying all aspects of life in a smooth transition. Paying bills can be quite a hassle when life gets busy, especially when we have more than one kind of bill to pay.

iPay facilitiates paying bills of all kinds. You will not have to deal with any more hassle to pay utility, internet and other type of bills.


Step 1: Tap on “DESCO”

Step 2: Enter Bill Number
Step 3: Check bill information
Step 4: Enter iPay PIN and Tap on 'Pay'
Step 5: Bill payment successful!


Step – 1

Tap on "DPDC"

Step – 2

Enter Customer ID, Zone Code & Bill month

Step – 3

Check your bill information

Step – 4

Type in iPay PIN and Tap "Pay"

Step – 5

Check payment confirmation

ISP (Internet Service Provider) Bill

You can easily pay internet bills from various providers on time without any stress.

Pay bills with Link3, Carnival, Amber IT, Banglalion, Brilliant, SAM Online, COLBD, Friends Online & Minara Firoz Infotech

Step - 1 Tap on "INTERNET BILL"
Step – 2
Tap on 'Link3' from the list
Step – 3
Enter Link3 Subscriber ID
Enter internet bill amount and tap on 'Continue'

Step – 5

Enter iPay PIN and tap on 'Pay'

Step – 6

Bill payment successful!

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Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.