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Credit card bill pay

Maintaining credit cards and its bills is a necessity these days. Maintaining and paying credit card bills can be burdensome due to paying on time and late fees especially when we have more than one bill to pay.

If bills are not paid on time, we have the stress of late fees so to make your life simpler, iPay has come with a seamless payment feature exclusively for credit card bill payments. Pay your monthly credit card bills on time right at the comfort of your home or workplace.

There is no service charge for making credit card bill payments with iPay!

You can pay Lanka Bangla Credit card bill payment by following the steps given below. Similarly, you can pay credit card bills of various banks from the drop down menu under ‘Credit Card’

Step – 1

Tap on 'Credit Card'

Step – 2

Under Select Card, tap on LankaBangla

Step – 3

Type in LankaBangla Visa/MasterCard Number and tap on 'Continue'

Step – 4

Enter bill amount

Step – 5 

Type in your iPay PIN, then tap on ‘Pay Bill’

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