iPay provides a secure one stop solution for your business which connects with a user base of more than a million.

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What We Do

Manage your business Seamlessly!

iPay is the first online payment platform which will help flourish and expand your business. 3500+ credible businesses are experiencing the iPay platform currently.

Get the benefit of collecting or receiving payments from customers like in store or online payments, channel & remote payments from distributors and manage POS system to seamlessly cater to customers. Also, disburse money like salary, petty cash and other allowances to employees and vendors.

Payroll Wallet System

You can disburse salary easily to your employees on time and regularly.

Vendor Payments

Make payments to several vendors within the same time frame in a regular manner.

Disbursement (Petty Cash, Commission, etc.)
You can easily disburse petty cash, commissions and other allowances to your employees every month.
Stakeholder Payments

Pay your company stakeholders monthly on time in a seamless manner.

In Store or Online Payment Solution

Collect instant payment from physical or online stores that can facilitate your consumers at shopping checkouts.

POS system management

iPay provides liberty to business owners who can manage their own POS system to easily cater to their customers.

Channel Payment Collection

Collect payments from your distributor channels that will keep your financial activities smooth, peaceful and risk free.

Remote Payment Collection

You do not have to go anywhere to collect your payments, just request for payments or dues easily with your iPay wallet.

iPay Benefits

Sign Up anytime from anywhere

Create an iPay account from your home or your favorite coffee shop with having a coffee. It’s secure, and you are not sharing your confidential document to an unknown merchant people.

Install iPay app

Install iPay mobile from App Store or Google Playstore.

Get Started with iPay

Upload your business logo, provide your mobile number and create a password.

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Cash Flow Monitoring Service

You can easily monitor your cash flow with a secure system provided by iPay that constantly monitors any suspicious activities.

Cash flow statement

Track daily transactions, funds, check reports free and easily.

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Build Custom Solutions to Run Your Business.

You can build custom solutions for your business that appeal to users by making use of the benefits provided by iPay for business owners. Such services make your business run smoothly, stay organized, updated and profitable.

Create Custom Solutions

To run your business on your own terms independently.

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Download the iPay App

Make life simple by managing your business with iPay, collect and track payments, manage POS system and disburse payments to employees, stakeholders and vendors, whenever, wherever.

Simple Steps to Start iPay

To create an iPay Account, there is no need to go physically anywhere.

Just download the app. Install it. Follow the steps below to get ready!

Call for Help: 16542 or +880-96-3890-0801


Select An Account Type

To create iPay business account select “Business Account” option.


Fill Up Account Credentials

Insert your business phone number and set up your account password.


Business Details

Fill up all the required information field about your business.


Account Manager Details

Fill up the details of the account manager and continue to create your business account.
Required Doc

Required Documents To Verify Account

To use any iPay services, you need to provide soft copy of some documents,firstly, to verify your account as shown below.

Upload Company logo
Upload company logo from your gallery that has clarity (Max size limit of 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)
Upload Business Documents

Upload a scanned copy of your NID, TIN certificate, Trade License and VAT registration certificate.

(Max size limit of 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)

Add Source of Fund
Provide details of your bank account to link with iPay wallet. You can link multiple Bank Accounts.