iPay Service
Add Source of Fund

To make any type of transaction, you need money to carry out transactions and pay for services. iPay provides you to add sources of fund (upto 5 bank accounts and debit/credit cards) to use iPay services.

Link Personal Bank Account to Verify iPay Account

Step 1: Tap on the left panel
Step 2: Tap on desired “Source of Fund”
Step 3: Tap on the plus icon
Step 4: Fill in bank details
Step 5: Read consent agreement & tap on 'I agree'
Step 6: A token amount will be sent to your bank account for verification
Step 7: Verify bank account after 3-5 days duration, tap on “Bank Logo”
Step 8: Enter token amount

Link Debit/Credit Card to Verify iPay Account

Step – 1

Tap on '+ Add Money'

Step – 2

Select 'Debit/ Credit Card'

Step – 3

Select Card Type and Continue

Step – 4

Enter desired amount to add to iPay

Step – 5

Tap on ‘I Agree to Proceed’ after review

Step – 6

Fill in basic card details and tap on ‘OK’

Step – 7

Desired amount of money added instantly!

Download the iPay App

Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.