Sign Up with iPay

Business Account

Signing up and registering for iPay business account is free and simple!

There is no need to go anywhere physically to register and sign up for iPay business account; you can easily sign up from the official website or simply download the iPay app.

To Create A Business Account

  • Fill in general information (including business type & designation) and set a password.
  • After receiving the OTP code from your phone, enter the code and tab “continue”
  • Upload any photo that has clarity (Max size limit of 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)
  • Upload NID copy, Business TIN certificate, Trade License, VAT registration details and Business Logo. (Max size limit of 3 MB; JPG or PNG format)
  • Fill in basic information as the next step.
  • For source of fund, provide details of Business Bank Account to link with iPay and add money to iPay wallet.
  • To verify, a certain amount is sent to the linked bank account with iPay after 3-5 business days.
  • Enter the amount to get onboard with a verified iPay account.

Grow Your Business Network with iPay

With a network of more than 3500 credible business accounts in iPay, you can trust the app to simplify your life by managing your business seamlessly. With iPay, there is no need to worry about generating invoice, collecting and disbursing payments related to your business. All of these features are facilitated by iPay.

Check out some other cool features and benefits of iPay business account:  

  • Payment platform of iPay is completely secure with a verification process that enables a fraud free domain.
  • Generate bulk invoice and service payments within a few clicks.
  • Make payments and transactions in real time from anywhere to meet deadlines and avoid payment processing delays
  • Easily disburse salary to employees in a timely manner
  • Pay commission to partners and payments to vendors/salesman for their services with no hassle.
  • Facilitate mother & child account management for remote and online businesses.
  • Automated and digital platform of iPay reduce cash handling risks.
  • Standard API integration for e-commerce and in-app purchases.
  • Keep track of every financial transaction with a detailed report provided on the iPay portal

With all this explained above, iPay has got you and your business covered by facilitating features to ease tasks related to your business.

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