Select your choice of account

Personal Account

Pay for your purchases and make personal transactions such as shopping, mobile top-up and many more! 

  • No hidden fees
  • Seamless and secure payment for daily purchases
  • Send money to any iPay wallet member
  • Link to as many bank accounts as you prefer
  • Instant balance transfers from bank accounts and credit cards
  • No withdrawal fee from linked bank account(s)
  • Bill, Mobile Top-up and other payment services
  • Pay instantly with QR code at stores

Business Account

Business Account 

Keep your business transactions organized by keeping your payments, invoice and other financial activities in one place.

Service charge of up to 1.5% for each received payment (excluding VAT).

  • Seamless and secure payment for all types of business transactions and services
  • Make payments to employees, stakeholders and services
  • Mother & child account management for remote and online businesses
  • Reduced cash handling risks 
  • Standard API integration for e-commerce and in-app purchases
  • Bulk payment and salary disbursement modules available