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Head of Enterprise Business & Merchants

Raihan Faiz Osmani

Mr. Raihan Faiz Osmani is serving as head of merchants in iPay systems limited and reporting to CEO with a portfolio of managing overall merchant’s operation for iPay systems. In current capacity, his responsibilities lie  not only in creating strong footholds in local market by acquiring merchants but also managing its portfolio (visibility, engagement & retention), ensuring its services excellence and grow the market share in a scaleable gain.

Mr. Raihan has a dynamic 20 years of career that reflects pioneering experience and record-breaking performance in fields of sales & distribution, business development, portfolio management, B2B & B2C business in different leading industries in home & abroad. 

His passion lies in fields of sales and marketing, a clear reflection of which is seen across his career journey. starting with Vanik Bangladesh Limited in 1998 with a move to Novartis Bangladesh Ltd then Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Ltd; in all the places, Mr. Raihan was instrumental in launching some of their most prominent products at that time. moving to the then booming telecom industry in 2001 was the turning point in his career. hopping across the industry from TM Bangladesh (Aktel) as Manager, S & D and corporate sales to Pacific Bangladesh ltd. (Citycell) as the regional head and then Airtel Bangladesh as the Head of SME in his last position. Mr. Raihan’s growth and his leadership in the corporate domain has been phenomenal. His business leadership and experience demonstrated in creating value for customers ,  profitability to the stakeholders and a significant impact to the market.  In his career path, being a key player in the management team, his role and leadership have been prominently found in putting several milestones in organisational success and that by making significant contribution in its value chain and ecosystem .

Mr. Raihan has done his post graduation in business administration from Newport University, Utha, California, USA. We are confident that his joining with our winning team will be rewarding for iPay in achieving remarkable milestone ahead for the mission –go cashless!

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