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Zakaria Swapan

Zakaria Swapan is the Founder and CEO of iPay Systems Ltd. He oversees the entire infrastructure and functionality of the company. He is a visionary in the fields of IT and Fintech. With a background in Computer Science and an undergrad degree from BUET (well reckoned engineering institute of Bangladesh) and Master’s degree from Texas A&M, his expertise knows no bounds. He is blessed with the rare combination of his career portfolio as an academic, writer and entrepreneurial leadership in the domain of innovation and technology.   

Although an acclaimed name in Bangladesh working diligently from the 1990’s in the field of IT and editing/writing, Mr. Swapan is one versatile and multi-talented man.  His expertise knows no bounds. It even expands globally with an incredible experience in Silicon Valley. He worked as a software engineer and later technical marketing engineer at global IT and networking company, Cisco systems.

He co-founded several entities in Dhaka, Bangladesh which paved the way for other motivated youth to follow in his footsteps. He was ahead of the game and niched the role of the now booming IT industry in Bangladesh.

Some of his earlier ventures include BangladeshOnline (ProshikaNet) and Ranks Telecom Ltd where he served as co-founder and COO.

Currently he is the CEO and founder of two upcoming and already popular ventures. He founded Priyo.com in 2011, a progressive Bengali based internet portal and news media Company to cater to the local readers. It was one of its kind that boosted several other news media platforms on the internet in Bangladesh. Priyo features pop cultural news, local interest stories and political and cultural commentary all in Bengali. And as mentioned above, he founded and currently plays the role of CEO of iPay Systems Ltd starting in 2015.

As if all that was not enough, Mr. Zakaria Swapan does not stop there! He is an amazing fiction author of 22 books mainly in the genre of science fiction.

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