About Us

iPay Systems Ltd is a fintech company founded by Mr. Zakaria Swapan in 2015. The goal of the company is to become a pioneer in the fin-tech industry that not only simplifies life but also introduces a whole new dimension of the cashless society in Bangladesh.

iPay provides services that cater to both people individually and for their businesses. It serves people and society to stop leaning on cash transactions and rather transact digitally. Payments with iPay are secure and seamless.

The services of iPay ranges from Add or Withdraw Money, Send or Receive Money, Bill payment, In-Store Payment and Mobile Top-Up/ Mobile Recharge. To make payments convenient, iPay has a unique approach which implements QR code based payment, introduced for the first time in Bangladesh.

Our History

With a need for payment service provider in a populous country like Bangladesh, iPay sought out a solution for an issue that reaches out to a large mass. Making large payments to various channels, collecting payments, tracking financial transactions and keeping finances organized can be quite an ordeal. iPay covers all these aspects of finances whether it concerns individual needs or business demands.

With efforts starting in 2015, the requirement to meet such a need that covers all aspects of finance was a laborious fruit with iPay undergoing several testing phases. iPay commercially launched in March, 2018, which is successfully running with more than 1 million downloads, and onboarding more than 3500 credible businesses within a short span of time

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive a cashless society where one can carry out transactions in a completely fraud free domain that is cashless, secure and seamless. iPay has taken up the challenge and pledge to transform Bangladesh towards a complete Cashless Society.

Our Vision

iPay will bring a revolutionary change in payment experience by developing a secured payment platform and providing smooth payment services for individuals and businesses. iPay has a solid investment portfolio to build, operate and scale the network for Bangladesh and international market.

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Make life simple with iPay by joining the cashless society, make & track payments, send or request money whenever, wherever.